Monday, February 13, 2012

Leaving for Basic Combat Training (BCT)

It's taken sometime for me to be able to sit down and put this post together
 and even three days away from seeing him at BCT Graduation I am having a hard time. 

Sam made this awesome choice to join the Utah National Guard - Micah and I are so very proud of him, but it has been quiet the adjustment here at home not having him around.  I always told myself it would be in preparation for his mission or going away to school.

Sam will be spending the first 10 weeks of his military career in Fort Jackson - South Carolina where he will train to be a Solider.   Just in the few days that he has spent in SLC preparing for his move there was a change in his personality and the way in which he carried himself. 

We said some quick goodbyes to prevent the water flow of tears I thought I would have - of course I took the opportunity to hug him for everyone that asked me to do so!!  The bottom right corner is about the time I made him promise that he would come home and he agreed to not go active duty!

The countdown to graduation began - - - - April is not soon enough!

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