Thursday, June 07, 2012

Congratulations Rebecka - 8th Grade Graduation

Wouldn't you know if I had camera problems ALL DAY and it wasn't until I got to 8th grade graduation that I realized it was because my battery was dying!  I only got a few pictures before my camera died and I had to rely on my cell phone.

YES -YES those are the shoes she wore to graduation!!  I know I know from the top of her head to her knees was all about fancy fancy and nice and then we had those dirty ole-shoes.  Mom tried to find her new ones to go with the dress, but was unsuccessful!  

My sister in law did a great job decorating - Becky was the only 8th graders to graduate this year and everything was centered around what she liked and wanted.  So Caribbean Blue, Black, Sliver and Zebra print it was!

Invitations were Nana's project - I found some super cute zebra printed paper that was all glittered with some Caribbean blue glitter ribbon to give it a touch of color.  Mom made those cute bookmarks as party favors for all the guests.

Rebecka - Uncle Micah (Grumpy) and I are super proud of you.  We know you struggled from time to time and you were able to overcome the challenges you had.  Always Always remember that we are here for you and are willing to do whatever we can to help you.  You make us proud and we know you will continue to do so in  high school, college and beyond. 

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