Sunday, June 10, 2012

Family Fun

My niece Hailey loves to talk - and I don't mean like a normal conversation either, after all, she is 11 years old!  It starts out as a whine and slowly moves into a high tone that would pierce the hearing of any wild animal and turns into a full raging talk as LOUD as I can before someone wants to stuff a sock into her mouth kind of talk.   

As a family we went over to the beach for the afternoon to have some lunch and play in the water and Hailey was in our car.  Suddenly I had this idea that it would be funny to kick her out of the car to see if her parents would stop to pick her up.  

Micah turned off the highway (Unfortunately still in plain sight for my brother in law and sister in law to see him.)  Told Hailey to get out of the car and stick her thumb out for her parents car.  *** Caution - Nana did not stick her out on a highway in the middle of no where alone, I was behind a nearby tree watching not only the road, but Hailey to make sure no would hit her or attempt to take her.  Don't worry folks, if they took her she had her dead cell phone and they would of called us to BEG US TO TAKE HER BACK!!)***

Like I mention before her parents saw Micah's truck and continued to drive by as you can see from the above photos. 

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Celedon's said...

Oh she will definatly be given back if she is stolen! And its REALLY REALLY hard to hide a big yellow truck... yellow... DEWALT yellow and rolling golden hills... theres a definate difference between yellow and gold!